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Some hints on VA packages

From the very beginning, Virtual Acoustics has been developed and used under Windows platforms. With some efforts made, it is now also available for other platforms, but we have only few experience with Linux and can't guarantee smooth performance on other systems.

VA is always in development and we constantly add new features or components. Therefore, we chose the version identifier to reflect the release year and added an ascending alphabetic character, like v2018a. This makes it easier to determine the release time, just like in Matlab and other applications.

We can not guarantee compatibility among VA versions! The reason is, that we still update the interface for new powerful features. This is unfortunate, but can not be achieved with the resources we can afford. If you are interested in new features, you will have to pay the price and update everything, including the bindings you use.

We adopt naming conventions for platforms and compiler versions from ViSTA VR Toolkit. This way, one can easily extract the target platform, such as win32-x64 for a Windows operating system using a mixed 32 bit and 64 bit environment, or vc12 to indicate that the binary package was built using the Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler Version 12. If you are missing redistributable libraries you can identify the required Microsoft installer by this suffix.

The build environment of VA provides configuration of the underlying components. This may or may not result in a binary package that links against GNU GPL licensed libraries. For this reason, VA is either licenses under the favored Apache License, Version 2.0 or under the GNU General Public License, as required by the copyleft nature.